Weather and Wanting

A few weeks ago, my husband Andy and I treated ourselves to a weekend getaway at one of our favorite spots in the Sierras, near Carson Pass.

On our last day, we strapped snowshoes to our backs, clipped cross-country skis to our toes, and headed out for an adventure. Even at almost 9,000 feet above sea level, we were warm in the sun with only one thin layer. Powdery snow left over from a recent storm made for smooth skiing. Continue reading “Weather and Wanting”

Creation and Mystery

The changing of the year is a natural time for us to evaluate where we’ve been, where we are, and where we’re going next. It marks the possibility of something new in our lives.

In reality, each day is a chance for us to choose something new, even if that is doing an old thing in a new way. And yet, even with our most focused efforts, we often encounter surprises in the quest to create our own lives, surprises that can discourage, delight and/or distract us.

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Grief and Gratitude

Lately, the events around me have looked somewhat like a bad country song:

My cat died, a dear friend died, half my town burned down. And there are things happening all over the world that merit grief: shootings in Paris, fires in Indonesia, Syrian genocide. The approaching holidays for many of us involve mixed feelings about family dynamics—whether we’re with them or not. We rush around like ants, buying food, searching for the right gifts. Those of us in Lake County wait for tree crews to clear the road so we can pass through on the one lane that will take us to our destinations. This is real.

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October Reflections and Free Weekend of Healing

I hope this letter finds you well. Gentle rains touched the scorched earth around us in Lake County this past week, and baby green plants are beginning to show up in many burned places.

I’ve been clearing out dead corn stalks in my garden, making way to grow winter greens. As I say goodbye to the tall and rustling corn patches, I am left with some kernels of flour corn my family can eat this winter. The natural world’s cycle continues to reflect our internal experiences: Letting go of old things makes way for new life and ways of being. And even as we let go, we are left with something from the past that feeds us, that continues to inform who we are. I hope that you are finding such gifts, even after the fire, even in this autumn season. Continue reading “October Reflections and Free Weekend of Healing”