A number of things have changed since the last time I wrote here. I became the mother of a baby girl, Lucy, who has rapidly grown into a sweet and adventurous toddler. The experience of nurturing her through her early months has empowered, humbled, and changed me in more ways than I can articulate, and I’m deeply grateful she is part of our family. Continue reading “Fluidity”

Weather and Wanting

A few weeks ago, my husband Andy and I treated ourselves to a weekend getaway at one of our favorite spots in the Sierras, near Carson Pass.

On our last day, we strapped snowshoes to our backs, clipped cross-country skis to our toes, and headed out for an adventure. Even at almost 9,000 feet above sea level, we were warm in the sun with only one thin layer. Powdery snow left over from a recent storm made for smooth skiing. Continue reading “Weather and Wanting”