About mothmoon

Morgan Vogel Chinnock
Niasziih Practitioner
Earth-rooted holistic healing

The Work
Working on a massage table, I offer hands-on, clothed sessions that facilitate healing of mind, body, and spirit. This work can help shift physical diseases, emotional patterns, relationship problems, and pain from old injuries. My clients often experience physical relief, clarity, and empowerment.

I am committed to holding a safe, loving, real space. Through touch, conversation, and silence, each session responds to what you need in the moment, opening opportunity for you to create what you desire in your own body, relationships, and work.

Often, a series of sessions can help you more fully integrate new choices into your life.

This work has changed my life, and I’d be honored to walk a while with you on your journey toward healing.

Niasziih (nī-uh-Z-eye) is an ancient healing art reborn, rooted in nature, awareness, and choice. This way of healing was passed down through a lineage of peaceable Lipan Apaches to Stalking Wolf, who taught Tom Brown, Jr., of Tracker School, who asked his longtime student Karl Direske to open a healing school of his own, and wildernessFusion was born. Niasziih means “vessel of healing.”

I have trained and practiced NIASZIIHhealing for seven intensive years at wildernessFusion, and I’ve trained at Tracker School. I also have a Master of Fine Arts degree in writing and am a freelance writer and editor. My passion for story often infuses sessions as we explore the stories that make up your life. My other loves include my husband and daughter, sustainable gardening, cooking, and wilderness adventures of many kinds.

Phone: 707.320.2409