What’s a session like?

The client rests (clothed) on a massage table. Following my intuition and experience, I place my hands at different points on the body, helping to remove blockages (both physical and energetic) and to track the roots of the issue at hand. 

Each session is unique, responding to what the client brings to the table and to the insights that arise as we work. I listen to what you say, and to what your body is saying, asking questions and following the trail as it unfolds. A rhythm of conversation and silence, accompanied by connected touch, allows doorways to open so your body, heart, and mind can shift in the ways you want them to.

I work with people who have autoimmune disorders, cancer, anxiety, depression, and heart disease. 

I also work with people simply wanting to explore who they are and what they want, tapping into their body’s innate wisdom as part of that discovery.

Hourly rate: $100

Sessions are generally an hour long. In many cases, a series of sessions helps integrate changes into your life.

What is NIASZIIHhealing?

Pronounced nī-uh-Z-eye, Niasziih is a healing art with its roots in an ancient society of expert trackers. These people lived in harmony with the earth and learned to heal through close observation of the world around them and of the worlds within. The philosophy of Niasziih teaches that the greater our awareness is, the more we can actually make choices rather than simply live from unconscious patterns. Niasziih means “vessel of healing.”