Mary Oliver and “Great Moth”

“Moth and Moon” – Onion flower husks on wool

Her work has touched so many of us, lovers of the natural world and seekers of things unseen. Here, I join the chorus of thanks since her death. Mary Oliver, your life invited more life in ours. We’re lucky it still sings out in your poems.

This poem partially inspired my healing practice name. I love how it points to mystery in the mundane, to magic and possibility.

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A number of things have changed since the last time I wrote here. I became the mother of a baby girl, Lucy, who has rapidly grown into a sweet and adventurous toddler. The experience of nurturing her through her early months has empowered, humbled, and changed me in more ways than I can articulate, and I’m deeply grateful she is part of our family. Continue reading “Fluidity”