October Reflections and Free Weekend of Healing

I hope this letter finds you well. Gentle rains touched the scorched earth around us in Lake County this past week, and baby green plants are beginning to show up in many burned places.

I’ve been clearing out dead corn stalks in my garden, making way to grow winter greens. As I say goodbye to the tall and rustling corn patches, I am left with some kernels of flour corn my family can eat this winter. The natural world’s cycle continues to reflect our internal experiences: Letting go of old things makes way for new life and ways of being. And even as we let go, we are left with something from the past that feeds us, that continues to inform who we are. I hope that you are finding such gifts, even after the fire, even in this autumn season.

Weekend of Healing in Middletown

For Lake County folks: there will be an awesome free event in Middletown this weekend, A Weekend of Healing. The event will tend to the emotional, mental, and physical health needs of “local residents affected by the fire, as well as anyone involved in the efforts to help heal the community – firefighters, police, city workers, businesspeople, volunteers for other relief groups, etc.”

Come by for yoga classes, holistic healing, massage, counseling, meditation, and live music–and invite your friends who could use some healing, too!

I will be there, offering free healing sessions from 11-3 both days.

Event Details

When: Saturday and Sunday, October 24 and 25, 11am-7pm

Where: Middletown Mansion Event Center – 20650 Hwy 29 Middletown, CA 94561 (the big brick mansion just north of Middletown)

Cost: Free!

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